Your I.T. needs, customized!


We focus on providing the right service for your needs. Not every company needs the same cookie cutter hardware and services. We have experience with all types of equipment and services and will offer the best value service for your growing company.

Web Services

We are a design shop, programming studio, and logistics architecture firm. With expertise in DB design, Front-end layout and Site usability.


Infrastructure is the building block of internet and business services. We plan new and upgraded installations for WAN configurations that focus on security and ease of use.


You already have an firm for your I.T. needs. Great, we love meeting new people. Tidewater Techs offers an unbiased review and plan of attack with your needs in mind.

Solutions: Every problem has a solution. Tidewater Techs will put our out-of-the-box thinking towards finding yours.


We live what we do
We are geeks at heart and it shows.

There are tech companies and there are gurus. We like to think we are a smorgasbord of knowledge at your fingertips. Tidewater Techs brings a full range of knowledge and the geekdom to provide you a solution for any challenge.

  • Geeking out

    We get excited by the smallest new thing in tech. Which means we learn all about it and how it can be applied to your business.

  • Day Dreaming

    Yes, we day dream. While that day dream may involve crystal clear waters, sun screen, and a pina colada, it also consists of unfiltered new ideas.

  • Dedication

    We are stubborn. Yes, we want a resolution. Probably a little too much.

Education: We love showing you the ins and outs of technology. It’s a fascinating intangible world.