Death and the MSP Conundrum…

As an MSP we thrive on the challenges of business I.T. We work to make your life easier. As with life, there are numerous things that have to happen with your network and data in death. A morbid topic, necessary nonetheless.

A while back a sole proprietor owner client passed away suddenly. The company was in full bloom. Employees, clients, confidential data – no will designating anyone to be in charge of the company. This not only left the company in a bind, it left the I.T. firm questioning how to proceed.

As an I.T. firm we make our business securing and growing your business through software, hardware and general knowledge on how to run your business more efficiently. As we are regularly trusted with more sensitive information every day, this affords us a certain duty to continue to maintain your data security even after death. For the partnerships, this is not so much a problem. For the sole proprietor, a mess! While we went above and beyond to assist in tracking down relatives for the company mentioned, it still left us with a hard choice for the staff – knowingly allow them to continue working or halt all activities. In this particular instance, we were forced to secure the data. Not a happy thing for anyone, but an obligation many MSP’s may face at some point.

We encourage you as a sole proprietor to make sure you have your business affairs situated with a written executor to handle the transition of your business in the unfortunate event of death or other incapacitating life event. Seek your attorney or draft a will. Let your I.T. people know where it is located on your network so it can be easily provided to a family member and staff.