March 29, 2017

Web Development and Hosting

There is a lot more to your web site than just how it looks on your computer screen. Load time, browser compatibility, error redirection, keyword optimization are just a few of the back-end concerns a webmaster has with your site. In short, a slow site or one that cannot adjust to all the different browsers and devices will drive potential clients to the competition.

How does it look? Feel? Does your site adjust to changes like wide screens, tablets, phones, 4k tvs? Does the layout make sense? Where does your eye track when you look at the page? Do your visitors follow the flow through the site you were expecting?

Why is speed important? Impatience! The world is impatient and they want what they want. And the want it NOW!!! The speed of your site comes from a few factors that include the host and what server platform doing the hosting. This is especially important in the case of a database driven web site. Big data = big processing.

Tidewater Techs works with many platforms and servers:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • .net
  • wordpress

We work with many different code base and languages:

  • php
  • css
  • js
  • sql
  • xml
  • JSON