Can an office function solely on Wifi?

Yes and very reliably! Tidewater Techs recently deployed a full wifi solution to a small legal firm in Virginia Beach. The challenge was an old structure with no existing wiring and a budget that did not allow for wiring initially. We put together a solution that was 98% wireless. Wireless desktops, wireless printers, wireless phones. The only wired equipment being the server – and we don’t recommend ever putting a server wireless!

Again this is a small office with four stations. Equipment running on a Unifi Mesh network with throughput of 200Mbps+ between the systems. Not ideal for any heavy data use, but perfect for general email and network access to files (options to improve wifi speeds where needed). Equipment including: 4 VoIP phones, 4 printers, 1 copier, 5 workstations, Alexa, Smart TV, phones varying from 4-10 depending on the day. Network load runs about 20% during peak use with an average of 25 devices in total. There are four wifi networks providing both internal and guest wifi with facebook check-in. And yes, they stream audio all day long!

How did we handle the printers? Wireless adapters! No need to purchase new devices when you can affordably adapt the existing printers with wireless adapters.

What about call quality? Call quality and clarity are perfect and have been told it’s an improvement over the analog lines they were previously receiving from Verizon at a fraction of the cost.

The client is very happy overall and how no intention of running hard lines at this time. There are numerous wifi access points nearby and interference has been kept to a minimum.