Floppy Disk Throwback

A client found a stack of old floppy disks and asked if I could copy the data. Pulled out the USB floppy drive, called the kids into the room and showed them what these 3D printed save icons could do.

My 16yr old was intrigued. He started calculating how many floppy disks it would take to store a 100GB game he most recently downloaded – for those interested it’s somewhere near 71,100 floppy disks. We marveled in the slowness to read and write from it. Even came across a Windows ME boot floppy! I laughed and then proceeded to copy a diskwipe program onto a blank floppy. The 16yr old started in on what someone in the future would think when they came across all these disks dating back to 2001 and one with a program from 2018.

An interesting bonding moment with some computer history.