Preparing Your Network for a Storm

Storms are both beautiful and powerful. Which means they can distract you while causing stress to your environment and computer systems. We won’t go into the types of storms, instead we will go into the types of hazards. Quick Things to do: Move or cover all equipment near windows Shutdown non-critical equipment Test your battery backups Read more about Preparing Your Network for a Storm[…]

HIPAA Compliance with Google Apps

As convenient as gmail may be and shared documents, contacts everywhere,  and cloud based services may be, we still have to consider regulations. HIPAA poses some very important questions when it comes to usability of open communication in the medical service industry. Many small medical providers are left with self-hosting their email services or licensing Read more about HIPAA Compliance with Google Apps[…]

A better, Economical, Expandable NAS

Storage space is key in business. More and more data, more and more backups. When it’s time to pool all that data into one location for main storage or backup, you need a NAS. My original goal was to take advantage of storage on local client drives and pool it into one network level raid Read more about A better, Economical, Expandable NAS[…]