June 3, 2015

Networking, wifi and Computer Systems


Your network is the heart of your business. A living, breathing circulatory system of data. Old networks can cause blockages and slow down production.

Your staff complaining of slow internet or taking forever to access files and you just upgraded their computer? Perhaps it’s the network. A slow network switch or a faulty network component can compromise everything. Wifi has even more complexities with placement and interference with dropped connections, dead spots, and overall slowness. Did you know a neighboring business wifi can cause issues with your wifi? We’ve fixed many system by simply changing a few setting or even placement of your access points.


Wireless is no longer a luxury. All business can benefit from wireless options. Cutting the cord allows you to work in any room and in almost any situation. Leveraging the right equipment allows you to take your network to extreme speed and reliability. Tidewater Techs leverages mesh network technology to provide not only full area coverage, buy reliable speed as well. We use centrally controlled hardware that allows for remote monitoring and tuning when problems arise.

Computer Systems

Not sure what computer to purchase for what use? Not all computers are right for everything. While most employees will just be using word processing and internet for their daily tasks, some may require a little more system to keep them at their most productive. A local store $500 buy may not be for everyone. Then again at micro computer for $100 may be just what they need! Larger business and businesses with network applications may also have a server. Servers are sold a robust, loud, and intimidating machines with a high price tag. A server can actually be any size and fit any budget, so don’t let “enterprise” systems fool you.

Tidewater Techs can evaluate your existing infrastructure and provide improvement options where needed. Our experience with computers and a brief discussion with your staff will determine what is best to support their contributions to your business.