May 20, 2015


Tidewater Techs is a SMB MSP. Our goal is to support and assist in molding your business to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are. As a Small to Mid-size Business service we understand the needs of your company and provide all the Managed Services needed in a budget friendly package.

Information Technology Services

Don’t have the budget for a CIO on staff? Tidewater Techs is there your you. We work with everyone in your organization to seamlessly facilitate management of all your Information Technology needs. Simply put, the more we know about your business the more we can assist in your needs. Read more about our vCIO services.
Managed IT Services:
Your network is the heart of your business flow. Without it functioning in peak performance, you resort to stressful and time consuming methods to get the job done. We manage your network, the Servers, the Domain, the individual workstations, and the software the keeps it all running smooth. Read more about Managed IT Serivces.
Network Design & Network Architecture:
Established company looking to upgrade or a Start-up looking to do it right, we have a solution for you. Plan for your future in stages to effectively manage your budget. Not sure how to best update for Category 6? Or, if you even should?
Vendor Management:
Manage vendor relations for your internet, phones, and software services. 
Cellular Failover Services:
Cellular backup and failover services with hardware and data plan to meet your needs. 
Point Of Sale (POS) Support:
Support and assistance with your POS implementation. Training, setup and maintenance. 
Network Security:
The perils of network security can often be overlooked. Network security is more than managing network accounts and passwords. It takes planning, training and risk management to provide your company the best balance of security and performance.
Systems Design & Systems Management:
The grunt work of all businesses. Without your desktop computer, where would you be? Making sure your company has the right tools allows your staff to perform at their peak efficiency.
Remote Management:
Technology today allows the tech savvy support desk to leverage off-side management of you company’s assets while servicing the needs of your staff on a very personal level. Gone is the day of the un-tucked polo shirt tech breathing over your desk while you stand patiently waiting for your system to get fixed.
Server Management:
Windows, Linux, Mac. We manage all servers of all ages. With newer systems on the market you can keep your dated server without costly upgrade costs. Or, integrate a new system to handle a new office.
A very useful service in the right environment. While not for everyone, Virtualization can greatly improve your ROI in hardware, reduce power consumption for the greener office and simplify backups for data recovery.
Network Surveillance:
Closed Caption on steriods. Take your CCTV system online, schedule alerts based on movement and enjoy peace-of-mind when you are away from the office, knowing you can always monitor from the comfort of your home or your smart phone. Read more about our Security, Compliance, and Surveillance Services.
The Cloud:
It’s all the hype, without all the hardware. There is no one-cloud-fit’s-all solution. The first question is, do you want hosted cloud or personal cloud?
Software Integration:
We have a deep understanding of how software works with your networks and your systems. When deploying software to many systems that may have varying configurations, it’s not always as easy as just installing and you’re done.

Phone Systems – VoIP Services

VoIP/PBX System Design:
Custom design of phone system for your business needs. Auto Attendant and Call Routing design. iPhone/Android app use. Call Queuing. Read more about Voip and PBX System Design. 
VoIP System Cloud Hosting:
Hosting of PBX systems in monitored cloud environment. Helps prevent phone system downtime in the event of office power outage or internet outages. 

Branding and Web

web sites, server management, domains administration, email, and all that goes into web relationships. Specialize in .Net development, Microsoft SQL Server DB Administration, Windows Server Management, and network security and administration and network architecture planing. More than happy to share the knowledge – just ask!
Graphic Design:
Have a direction just lacking the push to get you there? Let us learn from you and provide the push needed to brand your business.
Full managed web sites with direct support:
Understanding of web services when it comes to web site hosting, domains, and email. Fully managed services allow you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.
Web hosting:
whatever your needs, a solution exists to fit almost any budget. Read more about our web services.
Site design:
many clients like the simplistic and cost savings from templated sites. With a little customization it becomes your own design. Other clients require a robust custom design. Others may require a custom application from start to finish. Working with your marketing staff or designing graphics and templates from your specification is always completed with focus on clean code and web standards. Your application life-cycle is kept in focus, working with you along the way to ensure you get what your business needs. see my portfolio.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
Certainly a buzz word if there ever was. Search Engine Optimization is a delicate balance of online sevices you already have, paired with targeted copywriting and your intended audience. Like preparing a meal, the right balance can yield results to satisfy! Search Engine Marketing is the wine with your meal. It compliments a balanced SEO plan while driving immediate and targeted traffic to your web site.
Domain services:
what is a domain name anyway? Whether you have one or one hundred, managing them can be troublesome if you are not sure what to do. Let me handle them for you. Custom nameservers or registrar provided forwarding – you’ll get more out of your domains than just another link to a web site.
a necessary evil or just necessary. We cannot live without our email. Consolidate your various email accounts into one easy to manage solution for your business needs. If you just need another email address… no problem! Gmail customization experience with knowledge of free and paid services.