Can an office function solely on Wifi?

Yes and very reliably! Tidewater Techs recently deployed a full wifi solution to a small legal firm in Virginia Beach. The challenge was an old structure with no existing wiring and a budget that did not allow for wiring initially. We put together a solution that was 98% wireless. Wireless desktops, wireless printers, wireless phones. Read more about Can an office function solely on Wifi?[…]


Was looking for a product that was both simple to deploy and manage and with cloud based controls and reporting. Came across SimpleWAN. It looked like just the appliance needed to help ease the managed service provider’s woes. Ordered one. They require you to have a base unit installed at your NOC center to manage Read more about SimpleWAN… GRRRRR[…] marketing – a case study

A client called to discuss helping them setup their account with marketing services. We met via phone and went through the process with their sales rep and account rep. The client had already requested Tidewater Techs grant management access to their google business account to tweak some things. While on the call the Read more about marketing – a case study[…]