July 29, 2015

Security, Compliance, and Surveillance

Certain industries have certain laws and regulations about how services can be utilized – especially cloud based computing. Tidewater Techs understands the various restrictions and administrative requirements of HIPAA and PCI Compliance and securing your precious company data.

When was the last time you checked your system policies for compliance?

Did you know most PCI compliance services require you to run your Virtual Terminals (software on your existing computer) on a separate network while PCI regulations only suggest you have a separate network to aid in security? How would your business be impacted if you had to have two computers on your desk on two separate networks?

Different industries have different scenarios that work best. Medical offices require a higher level of protection due to confidential patient records. Many new payment services are going towards online virtual payment terminals using the web browser on the same computers that have access to patient records. While not ideal, there are ways to utilize the same equipment for all your needs with security access policies and education in handling data.

Now you may be wondering how Video Surveillance fit’s in?

Physical security is a requirement for HIPAA and PCI compliance. Not only do you need to secure access to data virtually, you also have to secure it physically. Systems like keyless entry play a role in recording access to the physical area while video records what actually happens in the event of a breach. Strategically placed video cameras will capture the moment and provide you unparalleled evidence when needed. There are many other uses for video footage as well. Contact us to discuss your options.

Ultimately, Tidewater Techs works with you and your business needs to help you remain compliant, secure, and at ease.