Law Marketing Event in Northern VA

Crisp morning in Springfield, VA. Finally a chilly start to the day. Attending a VTLA conference to see what new techniques and marketing ideas are being discussed in the legal community. Everything references ethics! Guess I need to read VA ethics in detail, especially those rules pertaining to marketing and advertising.

My ears perked up when Sensei Enterprises, inc. come on to discuss cybersecurity. Sharon Nelson and John Simek did a great job describing the issues and ways to prepare and protect to those non-techie ears. – not to mention a little side conversation to help with explaining the necessity of security in the legal industry. Even if just for fear of ransom ware and data breach law suits. Much appreciated.



I dosed off a little when they started discussing legal business and management software as the presented was not familiar at all with Amicus Attorney – software I have intimate dealings with in all versions of the product. A little social media dos and don’ts from the ethics standpoint. Better Call Saul references all over the place! Then finally, marketing. Now I as hoping for something new and innovative. Maybe something specific to the legal community. What I was not expecting is dated concepts. They did focus on the key points. Content is king and ratings are your feel good completely objective approach to landing new clients. While discussing the web and how-to concepts for creating a site… let’s just say everyone has their opinions and I will happily stick with mine based on the current googlenomics.

The take-aways:

  1. I gotta read the VA State Bar ethics as it pertains to marketing
  2. Beef up my presentation while stressing security and protecting businesses
  3. My experience in web content creation and site design enjoys a pat on the back
  4. I think I need to hire soon!