Working with vLANs and Dell PowerConnect 2800 (2808,2816,2824,2848) web managed switch

I am not well versed in vLan so I relied heavily on the community at large yet still took a while to find a simple set of instructions on how to have multiple vLANs on one port for the Dell PowerConnect 2800 series.

Let’s say you have a Multiple SSID AP using VLANs attached to your managed switch and you now want to use the switch for more than it’s basics. You set it to managed mode and login. Look for the “Switch” menu and expand “VLAN”. You will want to select “VLAN Membership”. Here you will create your VLAN(s) and assign ports to those VLAN(s). Next you will click on “Port Settings” and set the default VLAN ID to the individual ports.

Here is what I was missing: You can assign the same port under VLAN Membership to multiple VLANs. Make sure you also include the router port(U) along with the APs port(T). Just make sure you set the default under “Port Settings” to one of your AP’s VLANS.

AP SSID “wifi1” VLAN1(10): Switch Ports 1..7; AP on port 7(T), router on port 1(U)
AP SSID “wifi2” VLAN2(20): Switch Ports 1,7; AP on port 7(T), router on port 1(U)

This allows Tagged traffic from the AP to the router.