There are thousands of people – maybe millions – dealing with the lack of images in signatures of gmail. Maybe one day Google will actually turn on html capture for the form field, until then there are Gmail Labs.

To add images to your Gmail signature login to your account and follow these simple steps:

    1. Click the Gmail Labs Icon (green beaker top right)
    2. Enable “Canned Responses”
    3. Enable “Inserting Images”
    4. Save Changes
    5. After your account reloads, Compose Mail
    6. Make your signature in the body of the email.
    7. Insert Images: Use the insert image icon to upload your image to the google servers (upload from My Computer), select and click “Add Image” – note linked images will not work
    8. With the signature formatted (colors, size, etc) and the image visible click the “Canned responses” action item (middle screen under the Subject line)
    9. Select New canned response.., name your response and click Ok
    10. Discard the email
    11. Compose Mail again and click “Canned Responses”, select the new response and it will paste the signature with images into your message below

Not perfect, but will do what you want for signatures, you just have to remember to select the signature before you send your email.