Back-to-school apps, Here Comes the Bus


Tech has improved things is almost every aspect of our lives. This year brings some very cool ways to make education and tech fun. While local counties work to equip school buses with GPS to help everyone get to school on time, others are offering up the service to parents to track their kids en-route. If your child’s bud is not GPS enabled, you may at least be able to get the pick-up and drop-off schedule.
Here Comes the Bus is available for free on Android and iOS.
Read more information on Suffolk enabling GPS on their buses

For those seeking educational apps, Brainscape is a touchscreen flashcard app for iOS. You can share with friends, purchase preset cards and make your own. This app lets you study during any free moment.
Brainscape is available for free on iOS.
Android users, don’t worry you have free flashcard app options as well.

Keeping track of homework can be a chore in itself. Apps like iHomework help you schedule all your work in a variety of ways. You can link assignments to online reference materials making your last minute prep a cinch.  Of course you could also just get a crash course in Calendering and prepare yourself for the working world.
iHomework is available for $1.99 on iOS.
Android users and iOS users, Google Calendar is free, android users can find alternative homework apps on the play store.

*Referenced from 6 Must-Have Back to School Apps as published from Time by John Patrick Pullen.